May Chi


May Chi is a Hong Kong-born songwriter, composer and visual artist currently based in the East Midlands, UK. She has contributed voice to numerous projects including the soundtracks to Eve Online and The Kidnapped Filmmakers of North Korea. She was the commissioned composer for Pilot Theatre's virtual reality production 'Monoliths', which was selected for international film festivals including BFI London Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival and Berlin Re:Publica Festival. She has also composed for Quatuor Bozzini, Fidelio Trio, Thallein Ensemble, Flauguissimo Duo and Tresonant.

Luke Deane


Luke has worked as a producer from various soundtracks and is a founding member of Prisoner’s Cinema. Luke is known for his idiosyncratic approach to form: he has scored movements for live photographers, for the moving of unplayed musical instruments, and has composed quick-changes into his staged works. Luke has produced works for 66,365 speakers, compositions that can only be performed in perfect reversed-time, and for many hypothetical duets between human beings and other organisms.

Naomi Sullivan


Naomi has contributed saxophone to numerous projects including the soundtracks to Deep Blue, May Island, Eve Online & The Native Bigfoot, as well as working with Ryan on several concert works. Naomi is based in London and is currently performing with the Laefer Quartet. She has been Head of Saxophone since 2008 and also teaches at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She is chair of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain.

George Tarlton


George has contributed guitar to Prisoner’s Cinema and to the soundtracks for This Cow Started a War, as well as working with Ryan on several concert works. George is also a member of the Mela Guitar Quartet, who released their recording of Stephen Dodgson’s ‘Guitar Chamber Works’ on Naxos CD in 2017. In 2018, the quartet released an album called Pluck, Strum and Hammer in 2018. The Mela Guitar Quartet won First Prize in the Acerra Guitar Festival’s Ensemble competition in Naples and were finalists at the Royal Over-Seas League’s String Ensemble Competition.

Anna Maria Olsson


Anna Maria Olsson is a Thai-Swedish violinist and composer with a niche for writing and performing music for live multitrack violin. Anna contributed the violins to the soundtrack for The Battle of May Island.

Rachel Nicholas


Rachel Nicholas is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer-songwriter from Merseyside, creating a varied output of work which straddles the different worlds of contemporary classical music, art pop/rock and diy sound art. Rachel creates music with an introspective and playful sensibility. Rachel provided vocals for the soundtracks

Dan Bovey


Dan is a software developer and guitarist based in Surrey. Dan has contributed guitar to the soundtrack for The Dolphin House, and worked on various concert projects as part of the Vickers-Bovey Duo. Since 2022, he has been using HTML, CSS and Javascript with a focus on web development.

Duygu Ince


Duygu Ince is a violinist based in London, she has contributed to songs by Prisoner’s Cinema and to various soundtracks. She has performed in leading venues such as; Wigmore Hall, St John Smith Square, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Birmingham Town Hall, Barbican Hall, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain). She recently performed in China Modern Music Festival (Beijing and Tianjin) with Thallein Orchestra as a leader.

Merrick Haji-Sheikh


Merrick has contributed percussion to Prisoner’s Cinema and Shipping Forecasts, Ryan's microtonal jazz group. In this project Merrick uses extended techniques to bring the fixed pitched instrument into the realm of the sonically adventurous. The sole creative force behind Murrky Waters, a project born out of a need to express beyond what was considered acceptable in an academic environment, Merrick has been relentlessly probing at musical boundaries. The core of the idea was to expand the possibilities of the vibraphone. The soil that germinated this seed was the St. Louis DIY music scene. At first with just a few guitar effect pedals and a Deagan 515, then a Montreal Assembly Count To 5, and eventually becoming something new. The instrument is now the beating heart of a physical synthesizer engine which Merrick has had the honor of bringing to recordings with musicians globally. Murrky Waters has also achieved affiliate status as a music streamer on the streaming platform Twitch, and has an EP due to be released later in 2024.

Emily Abdy


Emily is a composer, songwriter and singer based in the UK, she contributed voice to the soundtrack for Eve Online. Emily’s work has been performed by professional ensembles such as Orkest de Ereprijs, The Schubert Ensemble, Project Instrumental, Cobalt Duo and Decibel. Her creative practice draws influence from the combination of her two musical roots - classical training on the violin and performing her own songs at local open mic nights - and touches on wider topics relating to her own personal experience such as relationships, mental health, body image, gender and the music industry.